Self Billing Agreement Deutsch

Self-billing agreements in German business parlance are referred to as „Selbstabrechnungsvereinbarungen.” These agreements involve a process where a supplier issues an invoice to their customer. However, instead of the customer paying the supplier, the customer generates the payment themselves. Hence the name self-billing.

The primary aim of self-billing agreements is to simplify the invoicing process. It`s especially useful when dealing with long-term business partners or suppliers. In most cases, self-billing is used to facilitate accounting processes. However, it can also be a way for companies to monitor their inventory and supply chains. By using self-billing agreements, companies can ensure that their suppliers are delivering goods and services on time while maintaining their efficiency and profitability.

In Germany, self-billing agreements can be legally binding if they meet specific requirements. First, the agreement must be in writing. Secondly, it must contain information on the goods or services provided, the price of the goods or services, and the date of delivery. Additionally, the agreement must include details on how payments will be made, including bank account information and payment due dates.

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